Monday, 5 March 2012

Ringer's Juliet Martin

Move over Blair Waldorf, there is a new brunette out to rule NYC! Zoey Deutch plays rebellious Juliet Martin in the CW's Ringer which stars Sarah Michelle Gellar.

In the show we see SMG play twin sisters Bridget and Siobhan. Bridget, who is running from the FBI, masquerades as her wealthy socialite sister, while Siobhan is somewhere else doing who knows what...

Juliet is the stepdaughter which Bridget, as Siobhan, gains overnight. Although there is more focus on the drama (which is never-ending), the fashion should be admired too. Here is a breakdown of Juliet's look. Oh, and the expressions... remember it is a drama.

Black and white ensembles don't need to boring by combining patterns and textures. Knit vs leather. Circles vs stripes. Contrast is key.

Juliet's style is lady-like with details such as Peter Pan collars, boucle jackets, preppy tartan, and lace and bows.

These two ensembles which rely on basics are anything but basic. The texture and pattern of the skirt livens up the outfit, while the shades of grey and the leather bag make the monochromatic ensemble on the right look interesting and not dull. 

Juliet wears flattering waist-defining dresses in trendier silhouettes.

Juliet wears a lot of dark shades so it is refreshing to see some bright colour! Again, she favours feminine details such as florals and bows.

Tune into the show for more style inspiration! SMG's characters have pretty enviable wardrobes too!

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