Sunday, 11 March 2012

Classic Trench Coat

Shopping at Forever21 is either a hit or miss for me. Thankfully there are usually more hits than misses, but only when there has been a lot of consideration put into the potential purchases! I almost always buy online over buying in store because
1. I don't have a shopping mall close by
2. Walking into a Forever21 store makes me want to tear my hair out and run out immediately because of the chaotic mess that I see every way I turn. No room to move, massive queues at both the dressing rooms and cash registers. No thank you!

However I managed to grab this beauty at one of my rare visits to an actual F21 store yesterday (I made several visits to the store during my shopping trip hoping that the crowds would die down).

Classic Belted Trench Coat
The pictures really don't do it justice in my opinion. It retails for $32.80 which is on the more expensive side of F21, but it is definitely worth it as the quality is impressive. I love how the top of the sleeves are slightly puffed for an interesting detail, yet it balances out the classic, streamlined silhouette of a trench coat. This coat also comes in a beautiful navy blue but I went with the more traditional option. I'm looking forward to wearing this as we transition from spring to summer!

This really proves that you need to be patient with stores like Forever21. Sometimes you need to be in store to catch the gems, cause you can pass over them when browsing online.

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